It’s back on . . . maybe . . . I think . . . I hope . . .

I have lived a continuing saga of getting the Rolling Stones to use the negatives that I shot back in 1970 while touring with them. I was managing the Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Band and they opened dates in Europe for about eight weeks.

I have good stuff of them onstage but I also have photographs that I took in airports, restaurants, backstage, etc. I tried hard not to make it “Mick & the Boys” by making sure that I had pictures of Keith, Charlie, Bill and Mick Taylor.

I used four pictures of Junior giving Mick a backstage harmonica lesson in my first book, “Between Midnight and Day,” but nothing else has been publishing. That’s a dozen rolls of film sitting around for 42 years.

I thought I had a deal a year or more ago when they came looking for Sixties era images because of a major reissue from their back catalog. I send some JPGs and we talked money and they finally said, “Instead of all this picking and choosing, would you sell the negatives for one lump sum of money?”

So I told them that I was getting up in years (I’m already dead in dog years) and had no heirs who would represent the collection so . . . sure, make me an offer.

They said that Mick wanted to be brought up to date on the situation and that I’d hear from them.

Not . . .

So now it is Summer, 2012, and I am contacted via email by a production company that it working on a huge release of film, DVD, CD and book to make their 50th anniversary in 2013. They have heard of my collection and they want to know if I want to be a part of it.

I send them an email that explains my ‘less than rewarding’ history with the group but I’m a tramp on the street so show me the money and I’ll follow you anywhere.

I have checked the web site on his email signature and it is a film production company with major credits. It says they are working with the Stones on a major production and it gives a link to the Stones site. So I go there and, yes indeed, the Stones detail the project which verifies this guy as being the real thing.

They ask for some JPG last night so I start to send them. My phone rings after I have sent a few and it is the guy getting the images and he is wild with enthusiasm at what he is seeing. I am getting more love than Mark Zuckerberg in a whore house.

So that’s where we are right now. The guy that I sent images to was forwarding them on to the producer and other war lords. So here we go again . . . about to get that glow again . . .

I just hope that Mick doesn’t to be a part of the process . . .

    2 Responses to “It’s back on . . . maybe . . . I think . . . I hope . . .”

    1. Billy Rose says:

      What an ordeal. I hope some sort of agreement can be worked out. I would love to see your pictures of the Stone behind the scene. Especially my favorite Rolling Stone, Charlie Watts.

    2. Chico says:

      Waitaminit. We used one of those Mick/Buddy harmonica shots in Oxford Town in 1994. Your accompanying column was one of the best things ever printed in that newspaper or about the Stones.
      Isn’t their 50th anniversary two days before your birthday, this year?
      Charlie didn’t play that first gig, and of course without Charlie, it’s not…