Brush up on your brush up . . .

I was in London in the early Seventies and wandered into a men’s clothing store. I was probably wearing blue jeans, fringed jacket and sporting my white boy Afro. It didn’t take more than a glance to know that I had made a financial wrong turn but they got me before I could get to the door.

“Might I be of assistance?”

He was impeccably dressed and treated me with great courtesy considering that I was dressed like trash . . . and foreign trash at that.

I eased my way toward a display case that held hair brushes and we inspected the merchandise together. I had so much hair in those days that he probably felt that hedge clippers would have been a better choice. Anyway, I bought a Mason Pearson brush for about fifteen dollars and it was probably one of the better buys of my life.

That brush lasted me for about 40 years. I left it on airplanes, in hotel rooms and in rental cars but it always found its way home. I used to comb out the hair every year or so and it looked like it was going to be mine forever.

So I lost it in such a stupid and simple way. We went to see Bonnie Raitt play in Memphis a few weeks ago and decided to stay overnight there. Driving home the next day, I could not remember if I had packed it in my suitcase.

Not to worry . . . my brush is my brush and it will find its way back to me.

Wrong . . .

Hotel housekeeping said they could not find it and a second call the next day said the same.

Ah well, brush shopping every 40 years can’t be too bad . . .

So I go onto eBay and search for Mason Pearson. I have to be loyal to my brand, right?

The choices are ‘bristle’ or ‘plastic.’

They come in small (children) and large (adult).

The lowest price for the children’s size is $95.00 and the adult size is around $240.00.

So now I have to rethink this brush business. In the past 40 years, I have never had anyone say “Nice brush, Dick.” I might have heard “Nice haircut, Dick” but never a comment about the brush.

So now the harsh edge of reality comes into play.

How deep does my brand loyalty lie? I mean, I don’t have any blood ties to Mason Pearson and it isn’t like I’m going to affect their bottom line.

So the next time you see me, take a look at my hair and see if you notice that I am no longer that Mason Pearson Guy.

I bought a Conair for $4.95 and it seems to work just fine . . .


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